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Our goal is connecting community to create resilience through co-creating an awesome future.

  • Together we have everything in-stock, every tool, book, resource, skillset, and asset.
  • We are an invincible local network made of each others many connected collections of items within our garages, closets, barns, storage units, workshops, warehouses, speciality retail stores, and within our minds.
  • Discover fresh inventory from the local Exchange of each others Have and Want lists. 
  • We become greater than the sum of our parts through local cooperation and networking our collective abundance for the greater good.
  • Creating community wealth from a passionate collaboration.
  • Together conscientious commerce will lift us all up as a rising tide floats all boats.
  • United together across our many personal and professional collections of products and services we each Have and Want at personalized levels that change over timem.
  • Click Here to launch your Exchange and customize your Collection! Add items into your Exchange Marketplace to promote your Collection and earn 5% commission of any orders resulting from referred sales made.
  • Your live inventory local website of your Haves and Wants Lists, two groups of items you use to bring what your current inventory is to market and share what items you're looking for.
  • A full web application designed to help you manage your Collection of assets, hobbies, items within various personal and professional categories: products, skills/services, assets to refer traffic which pays you 5% of any referred Member to Member transaction.
  • Enjoy exploring the Game and Hobby Exchange with local live inventory to discover.
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